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On stage lays a man, and a stick. In the background a large flat screened T.V. flickers. The T.V reads “MAN / STICK”, as if to clear up any doubt as to what is right in front of us. This is not a story. There is no narrative. But over time the Man and the Stick pass through forms together, and a certain independency emerges. All the while the T.V. tells us what to see.
We don’t like being told what to see all the time, but now how can we see anything else?

Stickman is a new contemporary solo authered and performed by Darragh McLoughlin.


Squarehead Productions’ ethos is to engage with what feels to be ‘meaningful and relevant’ in that moment - with a strong focus on developing this research as tools for creation methods. Each project puts emphasises the role of the audience within a performance context whereby the dramaturgy of the work revolves around the experience of the audience offering them to become co-creators of the work rather than simply spectators.

Darragh is a conceptual artist with roots in contemporary circus. His physical practice is centred around different movement practices and research with objects. The body remains a central subject/object within all of his work. His work appears through a multitude of different formats and can be seen as live performances, performance lectures, video installations and visual art works. Many of his influences stem from the fields of cognitive science, psychology, semantics, ludology, game theory and aesthetics.

Performance, tout public
Durée → 45 minutes
Tarif de 10 à 20 €
Zeit für Zirkus
Nov 18:00
Müllerstrasse 74, 13349 Berlin

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