A Circle of Exchange

Erin Skye
Studio e.V. Holzmarkt
Tout public
Tarif de 10 à 20 €

A Circle of Exchange, is a 40 minute, audience-interactive, whisper-filled, experimental circus performance including the disciplines aerial straps, hand-balancing and contortion. With use of some can-and-string telephones and ASMR, Erin Skye invites her audience into an intimate conversation with each other on stage. By exploring the relationship between audience members, A Circle of Exchange initiates a meeting point for strangers. Throughout the show, guided by gentle questions asked by the performer to the audience, it becomes a fun challenge for those in the space to find ways to communicate. It soon becomes apparent that the people in the room are not so different from one another after all...


Between the ages of 6 and 12 Erin was both a competitive gymnast and a circus hobbyist. She loved feeling connected to people when performing, and how it gave her the idea that they were sharing a precious moment. Wanting to learn more and change her sources of inspiration, Erin moved half-way across the globe to enroll and study at Codarts Circus Arts, and graduated in 2019. She found in the last years’ of her Bachelor degree a strange interest and desire to explore the world of ASMR in combination with circus as she discovered whole the combination to be both beautiful and eerie. A Circle of Exchange is the continued research of ASMR and Circus for Erin and has so far been a wonderful learning experience. Being her first solo creation after graduating she has been extremely grateful for the support from Circunstruction, CircusDanceFestival, Circusstad and CirkLABO.

Performance, tout public
Durée → 45 minutes
Tarif de 10 à 20 €
Zeit für Zirkus
Nov 16:00
Holzmarktstr. 25, 10243 Berlin

Studio e.V. Holzmarkt


Erin Skye

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