A crow without a nest - Exhibition and performance

Petra Najman et Ivan Svaguša
KGZ- Knjižnica Marije Jurić Zagorke
Performance, exhibition, music, comics
Tout public

Crow without a Nest at Krvavi Most!
You will attend a site-specific performance of the contemporary circus, the promotion of the picture book and the opening of the exhibition of original illustrations that are contained in the picture book itself.

Entrance is free, donations are welcome!

Crow without a Nest is an interdisciplinary project under development, which contains contemporary circus, artistic and literary crafts, and music. One part of the project is intimate, and the other part is public. In the performance of this work in progress, you will see this second part, which of course is based on the first. An important part of that evening is the promotion of the picture book of the same name, published by Bučni Stripovi, which will be available for purchase at the opening itself.
"Crow" is an outsider, and the invisible is the real. By refusing, she accepts eternal reflection.

Performance, exhibition, music, comics, tout public
Duration → 21 hours
Nov 19:00
Krvavi most 2, Zagreb, Croatia

Cirkorama and Library Marija Jurić Zagorka


Bibliothèque Marija Jurić Zagorka, circusnext, Circostrada Network


Authors and performers : Petra Najman et Ivan Svaguša-Svaig
Movement mentor: Marina Cherry

Website → Petra Najman et Ivan Svaguša


Co-production: Cirkorama and KVART

In 2023, the project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, as well as by the author's own funds, with residential support from the Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth - Pogon and Cirkus Kolektiv.