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Basile Narcy
Le Spot
À partir de 8 ans
Tarif de 15 à 30 chf

Mr. N. is employed by the company La Page blanche. He is at his desk every day with only a stack of blank pages for company. Yet the slightest of his actions leads him to deviate from the rule. The pleasure of inventing is irresistible for him. From the tiniest gesture to the most acrobatic act, Mr. N. constantly pushes the limits of this space where he has imprisoned himself. He transforms white into black, black into white, the blank page into a full of unknown worlds... And when he is about to finally get to work, his fantasy catches him up again... From one eclipse to another, from balance to imbalance, Mr. N. is gently led towards the exit of this office, towards himself, towards the unknown. Mr. N.'s quest also tells us our story. The need that everyone wants to take possession of their world and invent themselves. It's this movement of invention that Basile Narcy explores with the performance Eclipse. Starting from the certainty that magic can be born from nothing, from a blank page. He would like to offer an ode to escape, considered not as an escape, but as a diversion or an appropriation of reality. His character goes on a journey of self-discovery  by navigating between shadow and light, searching for one in the other. With him, we wonder what other fantasy could finally be born from this coming and going between light and darkness.

Circus, à partir de 8 ans
Duration → 59 minutes
Tarif de 15 à 30 chf
+41 27 322 30 30
Nov 14:00
Rue du Vieux-Collège 22 - 1950 Sion

Le Spot


Author and performer: Basile Narcy // Original music: Guilhem Fontes, with the participation of Vladimir Tserabun, Boris Vassalucci, Thomas Bourgeois and Baltazar Montanaro // Dramaturgy: Sophie Guibard // Creation and lighting/general management: Amélie Verjat // Creation and sound management: Tom D'herin // Stage management: Franck Le Saint // Cyr wheel painting design: Pauline Guerrier // Costume design: Clarisse Baudinière // Motion design: Sonia Lange // New magic support: Allan Sartorie // Scenography : Basile Narcy // Set construction: Azad Pétré


Production : Halle aux grains - scène nationale de Blois (FR) // Coproduction : Abbaye de Noirlac - Centre culturel de rencontre // Residence : Scène nationale d’Orléans // Prêt de studio vidéo : Grenouilles Productions // With the support of D.R.A.C. and of the region Centre-Val de Loire. This project receive aid from the State - Ministry of culture as part of the Recovery Plan to support artistic and cultural employment.