Tangle... in the Womb of the Juggler

Francesca Mari
Pogon Jedinstvo
Contemporary circus
Tout public

The atmospheric new contemporary circus show from Francesca Mari's the Womb of a Juggler explores movement in an abstract dream, freely inspired by the myths and legends of Tonga, femininity and the thousand facets of the juggling discipline. A tribute made by an Italian juggler to a traditional culture which unites women in the immense joy brought by the simple act of throwing objects.

Made through conversation with many different people met whilst travelling throughout Tonga, Tangle is inspired by the game "Hiko" of the Tongan islands. A game in which ball-shaped fruits (tui-tui nuts) are thrown into the air in a circular pattern. A dance made only by young women through movement, song and juggling. In combining her own practice with that of Hiko traditions, Francesca aims to highlight femininity and ask what brings women together within and between differing cultures. Tangle is a thoughtful, charming and intimate piece of circus, filled with virtuosity and gorgeous hints of humour. Offering a chance to experience the rarely seen remarkable art of antipodism (juggling with the feet) fused with dance and theatre, this 45-minute-long show is suitable for every and all ages.

Contemporary circus, tout public
Duration → 20h45
Nov 20:00
Trnjanska struga 34



Zagreb centre for independent culture and youth POGON


Written, devised, choreographed: Francesca Mari
Performed by: Francesca Mari
Cultural Advisor: Losalio Milika Pusiaki
Outside eye: Piergiorgio Milano, Katy Yla-Hokkala
Juggling consultant: Christopher Patfield
Collaborator, advisor: Connie “Paprika” Leaverton
Lighting Designer: Franco Campioni
Sampling: Massimiliano Gaetani
Costume: Lucia Squillari @Larimeloon

Website → Francesca Mari

Production the womb of a juggler is a part of the SOLO BUT NOT ALONE project and its programming is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture