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C8H11NO2 (2.0)

ROOM 100
Pogon Jedinstvo
Work in progress presentation
À partir de 12 ans

C8H11NO2 (2.0) is a new derivation of the original performance of ROOM 100 collective, which premiered in 2011 and was the laureate of the circusnext edition in 2009-2010. The show performed at various festivals in Europe and the USA until 2015 when the collective took a break from its performance career and devoted itself to production (Antonia) and sculpture (Jakov).
Through the project “The Sphere”, ROOM 100 received support to look back on this creation and react to it with a gap of 12 years. "C8H11NO2 (2.0)" contains our new artistic research in the field of contemporary circus, but it is also a personal story that looks back on everything that this collective has gone through in the last decade, on a professional level, and the two original artists and authors on a personal level.

C8H11NO2 (2.0) will be another ROOM 100 engagement performance aimed at deepening our understanding of neurodiversity and raising public awareness and sensibility about its various dimensions and complexities.

On the context side, this research is connected to Antonia's personal experience of anxiety and the physical feeling of it - the feeling of tightness in the chest, the inability to relax, the fear of madness... Using contortionism, dislocations and interactive modelling, this play also reflects on how much our environment truly shapes us. and how each person in our life has influenced our current identity.

Work in progress presentation, à partir de 12 ans
Duration → 19h35
Nov 19:00
Trnjanska Struga 34, Zagreb



Zagreb centre for independent culture and Youth, Performing Arts Network 2023


Concept: Jakov Labrović
Performers: Antonia Kuzmanić, Jelena Vujović, Jakov Labrović  (Antonia Kuzmanić)

Website → ROOM 100


Production: ROOM 100

Residency support: Københavns Internationale Teater, Berlin Circus Festival, La Central Del Circ, Kuća Klajn, HALA 100

Financial support: The Sphere, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, City of Split, Kultura nova Foundation within the framework of the Performing Arts Network 2023 project.